5 Facts About Chemical Peels – The Hottest Beauty Trend This Summer

chemical peels

Chemical peels are one of the hottest beauty trends to appear this summer. They are making a huge comeback. But if the thought of slathering your face with chemicals leaves you running scared, fear not.

The treatment has evolved and we are here to dispel those myths that leave you hesitating at the salon door. Chemical peels are actually one of the most effective treatments available for removing acne scarring, fine lines and pigmentation. They are great for removing dull surface cells, revealing a glowing complexion – it could all be just a peel away!

1. Ouch!

One of the biggest worries people have about chemical peels is the pain that they expect to feel. The truth is, chemical peels vary in their strength and intensity, so you can find the right one for your needs. Some deeper peels may feel uncomfortable while they are working on your skin, but there should be no pain. The majority of peels will do little more than tingle.

2. Hide!

Another typical myth is that you will need to hibernate following a chemical peel. Once again, this is a myth. Many mild chemical peels won’t even cause your skin to peel at all. For those stronger peels, you will typically be healed within three days. And even during the peeling phase, you won’t be forced to hide out. It is generally not that bad at all.

3. Fixed!

Another misconception that people tend to hold is that a chemical peel is a one-time-only fix-all for skin care. The reality is that best results can typically be seen after a course of three chemical peels, with most therapists recommending that they are incorporated into your regular skin care routine.

4. Too Sensitive

We have mentioned that there are a variety of chemical peels available, and that means that there will be one to suit your skin type. Contrary to what you may have seen, chemical peels are not only for those with serious skin complaints. In fact, almost all skin types can benefit from a chemical peel, even sensitive skins.

5. DIY

You may have noticed that your favourite beauty store has started to offer chemical peel kits. So is this something that is safe to try at home? The truth is, most DIY chemical peels will not be strong enough to make a real impact on your skin. This treatment is something that we recommend is completed by a qualified therapist, who will be able to check for contraindications and do what is best for your skin.

What’s Stopping You?

Chemical peels have come a long way and are making a huge comeback this summer. It is no surprise that women are lining up for this skin treatment that can refresh your complexion, remove fine lines and leave you glowing. Some can even be completed in a lunch break, leaving no visible exfoliation. There is no reason not to try one, so check out your local beauty salon for information.