How truSculpt ID Delivers a Cutting-Edge Body Sculpting Experience

If you have always dreamt of getting rid of stubborn and unwanted fat pockets, you may want to consider truSculpt ID. With this excellent treatment, you can permanently erase fat cells without the need for surgery. This procedure can help you obtain the body shape of your dreams.

Our talented plastic surgeon can help you with this cutting-edge technology that removes the fat that just won’t go away. Our truSculpt ID experts can help you achieve the perfectly contoured body of your dreams.

What is truSculpt ID?

TruSculpt is an intelligent body contouring procedure that destroys fat cells with a monopolar radiofrequency (RF) technology. The handheld device is used to apply the treatment to the troubled areas. Better yet, it doesn’t damage your skin, it is painless, and shows no mercy for fat cells.

This excellent technology is able to penetrate into fat layers. It is able to maintain a comfortable surface temperature whilst the energy waves penetrate your skin. Heat will be applied to your fat cells until they can no longer repair themselves due to damage they have endured.

After the treatment, the cells that have been damaged will move through your body and be expelled. The soothing heat of this treatment will also encourage collagen to form. In turn, this will tighten the skin in your treatment area. You can say goodbye to those pesky fat cells.

The Benefits of truSculpt ID

Here are some of the many benefits of truSculpt ID:


This procedure is noninvasive. This means that it never even breaks the skin. You don’t need to deal with anesthetic, cuts, recovery time, or stitches.

There are very few risks involved with the truSculpt ID procedure. Our team will only guide the device over the targeted area to treat your fat cells.


If cellulite is something you despise, you will love how effective truSculpt ID is. In fact, surgical treatments such as liposuction tend to make cellulite even more noticeable than before. With truSculpt ID, stubborn fat is reduced by 25% in only one 15-minute treatment.


The entire truSculpt ID process is painless. It definitely feels warm, but it is never too hot. It is so comfortable that you can have it done on your lunch break and head right back to work afterward. There is no recovery period, pain, or movement restrictions.

Works for Everyone

This procedure works for absolutely everyone. Whether you want firmer skin, a trimmer waist, or a reduced appearance of cellulite, this great treatment can work for you.

Ready to say goodbye to excess fat? Get in touch with Rodgers Center for Plastic Surgery today.