Are you interested in improving your body’s contours and curvature but are hesitant to undergo plastic surgeries that come along with a certain amount of risk? Rodgers Center for Plastic Surgery not only provides expert surgical reconstructive procedures, but we also provide non-surgical body sculpting treatments that will help reveal a sleeker, trimmer, sportier you. There’s zero downtime and you never have to go under the knife.

truSculpt® 3D: Non-Invasive Body Sculpting

The truSculpt® 3D body contouring procedure utilizes a multidimensional approach and achieves circumferential reduction, providing body sculpting effects by delivering precise therapeutic temperatures to the subcutaneous adipose tissue. Best of all, truSculpt® 3D melts the mass away without performing surgery or penetrating the skin. Experience truSculpt® 3D, a cutting-edge system with the highest clinical efficacy on the market as well as the shortest possible treatment time.

A Targeted, Repeatable and Uniform Approach

Our truSculpt® 3D system uses a premiere conductive radiofrequency (RF) delivery method, resulting in selective and effective disruption of the body’s subcutaneous adipose tissue with zero discomfort. truSculpt® 3D is designed to never exceed comfortable surface temperatures, working deep below the surface of the skin to heat fat cells, causing them to die off and become absorbed by the body. At the same time, the heat promotes collagen forming, providing a skin-tightening effect.

TruSculpt 3D

Before and Afters

Rodgers Center TruSculpt 3D

Two Handpiece Options

Our two handpiece truSculpt® 3D system is incredibly versatile, able to provide coverage over large areas of the body (like the flanks or the abdomen) and small areas of the body (like the love handles or double chin) alike! We can cover expansive regions, petite patients, and hard-to-reach places with this innovative and convenient body contouring treatment that can be done during your lunch break.

truSculpt® 3D benefits include:

  • Circumferential Reduction
  • Deep Tissue Heating
  • Reduced Appearance of Cellulite
  • High-powered Monopolar Radiofrequency Technology
  • Fast, Precise Delivery of Deep, Uniform Dermal Heating
  • 15-minute Treatment Sessions

Unparalleled Safety Features

truSculpt® 3D has an intuitive real-time temperature feedback feature that ensures patient comfort throughout the procedure. Our body contouring treatment targets specific areas of the body, protecting surrounding skin structures.

Treatment Cost

During your consultation we’ll discuss with you your aesthetic enhancement goals. Together we’ll determine the best course of treatment for you. Depending on body type and results desired, cost will vary on number of treatments. We’ll discuss everything with you up front. There are no hidden fees and our aesthetic enhancement treatments are designed to fit a number of budgets.

Schedule your initial consultation with Rodgers Center for Plastic Surgery today to learn more about our non-surgical body sculpting, as well as our non-surgical and surgical aesthetic enhancement procedures that are designed to help you achieve the best possible version of you.