About Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers have become extremely popular within the past decade. Patients are discovering that they can achieve plumper, more youthful skin without going under the knife or dealing with long recovery times. Among the most heavily used filler brands at our office is Juvederm®. This versatile, effective filler can be used to address a variety of issues. Dr. Rodgers also offers other options that can be used alone or as supplements to Juvederm® fillers. Here are some of the issues that dermal fillers can address:

  • Wrinkles
  • Sagging skin
  • Volume loss
  • Creases
  • Folds

Figuring out the right treatment plan using fillers will require a consultation and evaluation. Fillers can be used on patients of all ages. However, they are especially effective at restoring the losses of volume and definition that typically come with the aging process. All treatments with injectables should be administered by a qualified facial plastic surgeon.

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Dermal Fillers

How Do Injectable Fillers Work?

Most injectable fillers are comprised of hyaluronic acid. This ingredient is naturally present in our connective tissue. It is a key reason why skin looks so vivacious and lively during youth. Unfortunately, hyaluronic acid and collagen become depleted with age. Fillers are able to stimulate collagen production and ultimately create a softer, smoother appearance.

What to Expect When Getting Injectables

A filler like Juvederm® can be used in many areas of the face. It can be used to lift the cheeks, plump the lips and smooth lines throughout the rest of the face. Results are subtle and last for a long time. Treatment sessions can take anywhere between 15 minutes and 60 minutes. The process of having a filler treatment done is relatively painless and simple. Some products actually contain pain-reducing agents to reduce discomfort during the injection. It is also possible to have a topical numbing agent or ice applied by your facial plastic surgeon prior to the procedure to reduce discomfort. Results from fillers can be seen immediately. Most results last for between one year and two years.