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Botox is One of the Best Solutions for Laugh Lines

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It’s human nature to want to smile and laugh. But alas, it is also human nature that many of us will develop confidence-shattering wrinkles as a direct result of these…

Steps to Reducing Your Plastic Surgery Recovery Time

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Whether you’ve just undergone breast lift surgery or a full facelift, you need to remember that recovery is key. But how long can recovery take and what can you expect…

Why is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Important?

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There has been an increase in the number of people undergoing plastic surgery over the last decade with the practice becoming more widespread and commonplace.  Unfortunately, with this upsurge of…

chemical peels

5 Facts About Chemical Peels – The Hottest Beauty Trend This Summer

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Chemical peels are one of the hottest beauty trends to appear this summer. They are making a huge comeback. But if the thought of slathering your face with chemicals leaves…