About Nasal Obstruction & Sinus Disease

Nasal obstruction can be the result of a deviated nasal septum, enlarged turbinates, collapse of the nasal sidewall, sinus disease, or a combination of each of these conditions. Dr. Rodgers is able to determine the cause and offer both surgical and non-surgical treatment. Most of these treatments are covered by insurance.

Sinus problems can be a function of airflow or mucus flow or a combination of both. This can be worsened by environmental allergies or other nasal irritants. Dr. Rodgers can assess the factors contributing to the patient’s problem and make recommendations for treatment. Dr. Rodgers performs minimally invasive endoscopic sinus surgery. The minimally invasive technique reestablishes the normal drainage pathways of the sinuses. Dr. Rodgers does NOT pack the nose post-operatively making the experience much better than in the past when patient’s noses were packed which required removal in the office.

Nasal Obstruction / Sinus Disease