Innovative Acne Treatments

Rodgers Center for Plastic Surgery offers innovative laser acne treatments that provide solutions when other dermatological measures prove ineffective. Instead of harsh treatments that are dicey for your skin discover a new, non-surgical, non-invasive solution in Cutera XEO laser acne removal.

The American Academy of Dermatology report that acne is the most common skin condition in America, affecting over 50 million Americans annually. The result: degraded self image, stress, depression, physical problems, pain, and psychological duress. We can help you treat acne and get to the root of the problem with laser technology.

What Causes Acne and Acne Scars

There can be a number of reasons a person suffers from acne. It could be clogged pores, oily skin, dead skin cells, and even bacterial infection. Acne scars come about more often than not due to inflamed lesions (pustule, papules, or cysts). As the pore swells due to oil, dead skin cell, or bacterial influence, the follicle wall begins to break, resulting in lesions which cause acne scars.

Variety of Treatments

Our top of the line Cutera laser has the ability to treat acne and acne scars, addressing a number of aesthetic concerns and skin conditions. XEO can be fine-tuned to target acne clusters, unwanted pimples, and unsightly blemishes, freeing up your skin to shine again. Don’t trust the old-fashioned acne treatments that aren’t guaranteed to work and often make matters worse. Cutera XEO is a fully-customizeable workhorse, the ultimate non-surgical aesthetic enhancement treatment system that allows us to treat all skin types.

Laser Acne Treatments 2

Before and Afters

Laser Acne Treatments

How Cutera XEO Acne Treatments Work

Our Cutera XEO treatment system emits high pulses of light in targeted areas of the dermis. Damaged skin cells are eliminated and your body’s own collagen growth process is activated. As your skin heals, new radiant skin starts to replace the old, reducing scars as well. XEO zaps blemishes in their place and allows us to perform over 20 different skin conditions, including acne and acne scars. XEO treats acne over a wide range of the body. XEO acne treatment will dramatically correct deep-set skin imperfections, treating inflammatory acne that might be resistant to other acne solutions.

Your Consultation

Contact Rodgers Center for Plastic Surgery to learn more about our innovative laser acne removal treatments and acne scar treatments. Together, we’ll help you achieve the sort of complexion you always thought was out of reach.