Personalized Treatment

Personalized treatment with comprehensive care and advanced technology is the name of the game at Rodgers Center for Plastic Surgery, where we provide non-surgical aesthetic enhancement alternatives to our valued patient base. Together we help our patients fight the effects of aging and photodamage, which occurs often indiscriminately.

It’s a simple fact of nature that our skin only decreases its collagen production as we grow older. Laser Genesis by Cutera is the perfect solution to jumpstart your body’s own skin elasticity-producing capabilities.

The Importance of Collagen

Collagen is an insoluble fibrous protein that constitutes the majority of the skin’s dermal layer. Collagen plays a crucial role in cell replenishment and damaged cell replacement; it’s a building block of your skin, basically. Collagen is meant to form a foundation upon which newly synthesized cells can cement and properly proliferate. Studies show that laser therapy effectively activates collagen rejuvenation, melanin, and elastin due to precise wavelength and ultrasound.

Reverse the Effects of Aging and Sun Damage with Laser Genesis

Rodger Center for Plastic Surgery offers innovative technology like Laser Genesis, which gently and precisely heats the skin below its surface, creating micro aggressions that stimulate your skin’s natural healing process. In addition to new, lasting collagen production, tiny spider veins and broken capillaries responsible for unwanted facial and body vascular lesions are sealed off, helping to clear your complexion, making you appear years younger. Laser Genesis can also break down pigment from melasma, treating even stubborn cases of hyperpigmentation.

Laser Genesis 2

Before and Afters

Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis Results

Results may indeed vary, but new skin cells replace damaged old ones, collagen fills visible scars, and vein irregularities can be treated, in many cases in 3-6 procedures. Results might be subtle and gradual with each treatment, but they will become more apparent as your body processes the treatment. You will see likely see improvement just after one session, but most patients require a series of treatments to achieve desired results. Laser Genesis results have been shown to last anywhere from 6 months to one year. A single touch-up treatment once each year thereafter will have patients enjoying year-round skin radiance and suppleness.

Laser Genesis Treatment Cost

Since desired results are achieved in 3-6 treatments, price will vary from case to case. Our facial rejuvenation and aesthetic enhancement treatments are designed to suit the needs of each individual patient, so no two treatments should be priced the same. During your initial consultation we’ll discuss all of the financial aspects of Laser Genesis upfront with you.

Contact Rodgers Center for Plastic Surgery today to learn more about our state-of-the art Laser Genesis procedures that will have you putting your best foot forward with a clear, supple new complexion.