What is Covered Under Facial Plastic Surgery?

Facial plastic surgery covers many procedures. Many patients from throughout the Boise area come to see Dr. Rodgers because they are looking to improve some aspect of their appearance. There are many reasons why people choose to seek the help of a specialized facial plastic surgeon. Some patients are displeased with lines and wrinkles that have formed due to the aging process. Others simply want to enhance their features by plumping or sculpting a certain area of the face. In addition, many patients are seeking to correct an aspect of their appearance that has been bothering them since childhood. Surgery can often correct an issue that is the result of an accident or injury. Is there an aspect of your appearance that you’d like to correct or enhance through a facial plastic surgery procedure? Take a look at the many options that are available.

A Look at Common Facial Procedures

There are many procedures that can address specific features and areas of the face. Many procedures can actually be done simultaneously to create the best results and improve the overall appearance of the face. Here’s a look at the procedures offered by Dr. Rodgers:

Each procedure is tailored to meet the needs of individual patients. The intensity of each procedure will be determined based on what is needed and the expectations of the patient. It is important to seek out these treatments from a qualified and trained facial plastic surgeon.

Who Is a Candidate for Facial Surgery?

Each procedure has its own set of guidelines regarding who is an ideal candidate. However, these procedures are generally considered safe for healthy men and women of all ages. A consultation with a plastic surgeon will be required to assess the health of a patient and discuss what can be expected during a procedure and the recovery period that follows.


The facelift is not to be confused with the brow lift surgery, though both procedures will certainly help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and overall aging, enhancing your skin’s elasticity, giving your appearance a rejuvenated look.

Also called a Rhytidectomy, the facelift procedure acts to smooth and firm your skin, taking years off of your appearance in the process by tightening facial muscles and repositioning or removing areas of the skin, fat, as well as your deep tissue.

Factors that Contribute to Facial Aging

Though the aging process eventually affects everyone, it still affects each person differently. Effects can be genetic. Gravitational and environmental forces can also affect the way you age. Sun exposure is also a huge influence in the way you age, especially in highly exposed areas like your face and the backs of your hands.

Other factors that contribute to aging are:

  • Volume loss (can be secondary to fat redistribution or bone resorption)
  • Lines from making continued dynamic facial expressions
  • Loss of skin collagen and skin elasticity

A facelift procedure with Rodgers Center for Plastic Surgery can help alleviate sagging facial skin. We can tighten saggy, drooping jowls, smooth out deep wrinkles and improve your cheeks, chin, and jawline. The result: a more youthful-looking you!

Rodgers Center for Plastic Surgery Facelift Candidates

If you’re living with sagging cheek tissue, loose skin, excess fat beneath the chin and neck, facial skin laxity, hollow, flat cheeks, prominent nasolabial folds, advanced photodamage, or a number of additional telltale signs of aging, we can help. Generally, a good facelift candidate will be in good health and have realistic expectations from their facelift procedure, which we will go over during your initial consultation.

Your Initial Consultation

During your consultation we’ll meet with you and discuss your aesthetic enhancement ambitions. We’ll custom-tailor a facial rejuvenation plan that aims to meet your goals. We’ll set realistic yet ambitious goals for your facelift procedure and help you achieve them and enjoy the best possible results. Contact Rodgers Center for Plastic Surgery today and we’ll get started on your lasting transformation.